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Repair And Protect Your Chimney

If you have noticed a chimney repair that requires attention on your property, call us now for a free estimate. We will visit your premises at a time that suits you best and evaluate the severity of the repair, give you friendly advice and a free quote.

Regular maintenance to a chimney stack, such as repointing it will keep your brickwork looking great for a good few years. In reality though, regular maintenance and pointing chimneys falls short of the mark when it comes to broken bricks or when cracks start to appear on a chimney.

Broken and cracked bricks are one of the common and noticeable types of damage chimneys suffer from, the front of bricks may have blown due to freezing weather conditions, all of these types of problems can easily be rectified by us.

Porous or crumbling mortar is another factor to take into consideration, this leads to loose bricks and water penetration of the chimney stack.


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The Most Common Problems Related To Chimneys

Lead step flashings, back gutters and front aprons can loosen and over time gradually move away from the brick joints and lead to leakage points.

When the mortar between the brick joints holding the lead step flashing, back gutters and front aprons becomes porous, the lead materials will become loose, exposing the brickwork, slate roofs, tiled roofs and flat roofs to water penetration.

This type of problem is often unseen by the property owner and therefore the damage to a property can end up being quite severe and a lot more expensive to put right.

We often remove chimneys completely and slate or tile over the area, matching the slates or tiles with the existing roofing materials. We also remove chimney pots and cowls, repair them or replace them with new.

Of course, if you have noticed damaged bricks, cracks in the bricks, crumbling mortar, or any other signs of deterioration, it is probably the right time to contact us for a free quote for your chimney repairs.

Small jobs a pleasure, fast and friendly service, free estimates, no extra charges for emergency repairs. 01206 870339 - Mobile: 07904 412839


Chimney Repairs Colchester | Repointing Chimneys

Our chimney repairs service

  • Removing rebuilding repairing chimneys
  • Replace and repair lead flashings aprons
  • Bricks pots cowls repaired or replaced
  • Residential and commercial services

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